Elements and Principles of Design


Unity/ Harmony
Dominance/ Emphasis
Similarity/ Contrast

QuiRky InteRpReTatiOnS

Doodle Photography

The Magic of Christmas

Progressions of Time

Through the Looking Glass


Advertising Disruption

Project Statement: I love that this project allowed me to change the meaning of images and to tell a new narrative with them. I took images from advertisements that glorified spending large amounts of money or time trying to change oneself and become more and more like someone else, therfore less and less like themsleves. By mixing these images I tried to display just how unrealistic and ridiculous some of socity's standards are and how when we atart to aim to be like someone else, we lose who we are.  When I uploaded my images to photoshop I was able to further change the meaning. In my first set of images I changed the background  colour to make the person I had created pop. In the second image I used the stain glass filter to make the image seem more fake and fabricated. I chose that filter to display how when we try to become like someone else we lose something. We are no longer seen as individuals because we are simply reflections of other people or things. In the third image I blurred the eyes and watch of my subject. I did this to represent how we seem to become hypnotized by the expectations of others. I believe eyes are one of the most identifiable things about a person.  We display our emotions through our eyes. When we start to become someone else, we lose ourselves. We push down our thoughts and our feelings. We become lost in the masquerade.

TV Banding

Frame One, Scene One

The Loneliness That Haunts Me

Photojournalism: Love Is The Movement

Concealing Identity 1
Concealing Identity 1
Gender Stereotype
Gender Stereotype
Film Still
Film Still
Concealing Identity 2
Concealing Identity 2

Cindy Sherman Project